May 2023
Collaboration and facilitation Templates

Improve everyday collaboration in Mural with our upgraded user interface and a roundup of recent enhancements… plus a sneak peek of a few on the way!

We’ve upgraded our user interface with subtle yet thoughtful design changes to create a more vibrant and delightful experience while collaborating. Wait there’s more! Here’s a roundup of everyday collaboration enhancements we recently added that enhance how you work in Mural and collaborate with your team daily
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February 2023
Integrations Developer API Collaboration and facilitation Accessibility

February is for new integrations and accessibility enhancements! Learn more about Figma, Azure DevOps, OneDrive, and more!

This month we’re bringing your workflows some love — and efficiency! Export Figma frames into murals, create new work items in Azure DevOps from sticky notes in Mural, import cloud files from OneDrive, and check out the latest partner-built apps, Livestorm and Sprintbase. Plus, we have new accessibility enhancements for keyboard and screen reader users as part of Mural’s ongoing commitment to accessibility.
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