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Choose what collaborators can vote on!

AUTHOR: The Mural team


Make your voting sessions more focused

Anyone running a voting session can now limit the type of content collaborators are able to vote on, as well as which part of the mural they’re able to vote on. Learn more.

Enhanced templates card design 

Design enhancements for default and custom template cards help you more quickly identify what a template is for and whether it is useful to you. You’ll also now be able to see who the author of a template is in your custom templates library.

New Templates

Look back to take steps forward

Review the product work from the last sprint, then discuss with your team what worked and what can be improved with this Sprint Retrospective template by Staircase Strategy 

Build a deeper connection with your team

With this Welcoming Get Together template everyone can share a bit about themselves and get to know their team.

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