The MURAL team

Circle sticky notes, select multiple elements, and a bunch of bug fixes


Windows release 1.69

New Features (General Availability)

More ways to share ideas with circle sticky notes

You can now add circle sticky notes in the Windows app, helping you share ideas, take notes, and drive collaboration in new ways. 

Easily select multiple elements with a long tap

Selecting multiple elements in a mural just got easier. Now, after you long tap on an element, you can then tap on additional elements to add (or remove) them from the selection. 

Bug Fixes

When someone else was selecting a connector, you would sometimes see a rectangle as feedback. If the connector was large and was not straight, the rectangle would block part of the screen.

The margins of frameworks were not matching exactly the ones in the web.

Sometimes images were displayed as “Picture not available” after the app was open for a while.

Drawings would sometimes disappear for a moment while drawing continuously and then re-appear.

When the app was open for several hours it would sometimes leak memory, making it less performant.

MURAL templates larger than 10MB would occasionally produce an error when trying to use them.

Example murals weren’t always working.

When trying to resize images many times, they were sometimes minimized.

Tapping on text inside a shape to select wouldn’t always work.

Sometimes connectors would rearrange in unexpected ways.

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