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Copy formatting, connect to thousands of apps with Zapier, touchscreen on the web, another performance boost, and a new Facilitation Superpower 🕵‍♀️✨

AUTHOR: The Mural team

Web release

New Features (General Availability)

Easily copy formatting and apply to other elements (of the same type)

Now you can easily copy the formatting from one element, such as a sticky note, shape, connector, or text box, and apply it to another element or group of elements (of the same type). 

Touchscreen collaboration using MURAL on the web

Touchscreen actions are now available via web browsers on touchscreen-enabled laptops, making it easier to collaborate with your team no matter where you are. Use a stylus or your finger to draw, create and write in a “draw sticky,” and add sticky notes, frameworks, shapes and more! 

Connect MURAL to apps like Google Sheets, Airtable, Trello, JIRA, and more with Zapier [beta]

Want to be more productive? With our Zapier integration, you’ll be able to automate workflows and build processes with over 2,000 apps so you can focus on your most important work. Check out the beta now.

Enhancements (General Availability)

️ Better performance at scale - the boost keeps getting better! 

  • Now, when you’re collaborating with large groups of over 50 collaborators, you won’t experience that pesky lag or see the annoying “trying to reconnect” message. 

  • Additionally, pointing and dragging outside of your screen view won’t affect what you’re seeing – resulting in up to 4x faster collaboration in some cases. 

New Features (Limited Availability)

Quickly sync with other collaborators via Quick Talk 

Quick Talk (powered by Dolby) instantly starts a voice call so you can connect with collaborators inside any mural. Use Quick Talk for those unplanned or spontaneous collaborative moments. Now updated with a new user interface to make connecting even easier. You can also include visitors in your calls, not just members and guests. Limited availability. Coming soon for everyone. 

Generate more impactful ideas and feedback with Private Mode

Private Mode is a new Facilitation Superpower that gives facilitators the power to temporarily prevent collaborators from seeing each other’s new content. Availability limited to select members. Coming soon as a Facilitation Superpower for everyone. 

More control for turning named visitors on and off

Administrators can now turn named visitors on or off at workspace level in free trial, Starter, and partner plans. Named visitors are coming soon to Plus and Enterprise Network plans. 

Bug Fixes (General Availability)

Luma frameworks wouldn’t always export properly.

When an element was rotated, the snapping points to connect to it were displayed in the incorrect order.

When adding a group inside a grid area, the order of the elements was not preserved.

When pressing one of the audio keys, the stickies would autocomplete with the name of the audio function.

Avatars from users that have already left the mural were sometimes being displayed.

Context menu would sometimes close when collaborating in real-time.

When doing marquee select inside grid areas, the elements inside it would reorder.

When micro dragging some elements their position would sometimes not update correctly.

Elements created inside a grid area were being created with incorrect coordinates.

The warning when you change a draw sticky to a text sticky and vice versa wasn’t being displayed in edit mode.

New alignments don't work with the workspace feature flag.

COMMAND + OPT + 0 shortcut not working on Mac.

Improved real time collaboration performance.

We improved the feedback when someone else is drawing from the iOS app so that it doesn’t block part of the screen.

Checkmark icon was not aligned with Settings and Saved under zoom settings.

Some elements were not being displayed when creating a mural from a template when the user didn’t have edit permissions on the template.

Top bar was not always visible after deleting an area with content.

The remote editing layer was not always aligned for rotated widgets.

When someone dragged the end of an arrow in real time, the collaborator was seeing the arrow displayed in a different position.

Only members with permissions will see the option to create a workspace in /template-selection.

The join company workspace page will guide you to manage your workspaces if you have no more workspaces to join. 

Tech Updates (General Availability)

Refactor zoom shortcuts.

Remove ruby from code.

Referrer Improvements.

Mural breaks upon opening, showing "NaN" values for widget props.

Sanitize stickies bg color.

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