The Mural team

Customize the toolbar, make diagrams and flowcharts more clear, save and share templates, and bug fixes

AUTHOR: The Mural team

Web release

New Features

Make collaboration even easier with custom toolbar

Facilitators can now choose which visual thinking tools are available for collaborators to see and use in a mural. For example, you can limit collaborators to just sticky notes to begin a meeting and then later turn on drawing when needed. This helps reduce complexity and confusion for first-time collaborators and helps keep meetings more focused and productive. Learn more

Make your diagrams and flowcharts clearer with labels on connectors  

Easily add labels to connectors. Simply double clicking on the line or choose the “+T” symbol from the connector’s toolbar. You can format the text from the toolbar and position the label by sliding to the desired location on the line. Learn more

Easily save and share your favorite templates

Now, you can easily share and save a template for later on the templates homepage in-app so it is easy to re-find, re-use, and share your favorite templates. 

New Templates

Get your workshop started quickly

Don’t have a lot of time to prepare, but want an aesthetically pleasing template for your session? This Quick-start Workshop template provides a framework for success!

Understand your customer’s business processes 

Capture all configuration items and integrations needed for a solution with this Fit-to-standard Workshop template by SAP.

Bug Fixes 

Text in sticky notes would sometimes flicker when exiting edit mode.

 When moving objects that are connected by an arrow from the move icon in the toolbar, the connector would sometimes disconnect.

When copying an object from the mural and pressing “command V” inside a text sticky or text box, the html code was being displayed.

When adding more than one line break inside a sticky note, link breaks would sometimes disappear.

Public templates were sometimes not loading.

Email addresses with upper cases were not being accepted in various company admin modals across the platform.

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