The Mural team

Easily rotate and resize objects, a performance boost, and some bug fixes and minor enhancements. 

AUTHOR: The Mural team

Web release

Enhancements (General Availability)

Easily resize and rotate objects in a mural 

We’re rolling out new adjustment handles for objects to resize and rotate shapes and other objects in a mural. You can now make adjustments from any side, not just the bottom right hand corner. You’ll also notice a new, sleek look for the way that handles appear around objects and groups.

Add grouped objects to the outline
Previously, you could only add individual objects or multiple objects selected together, but not grouped, to the outline. Now, you can add objects to the outline that you deliberately grouped together.

Better performance with more collaborators in a mural

Enhanced performance when large groups of collaborators are participating in an activity. Now, you can host up to twice as many collaborators in a session without lag when they're actively engaged in visual collaboration (performance is also dependent on volume and size of content in a mural).

More control over cookies in MURAL

Members will see a new banner allowing them to opt in or out of cookies in MURAL. Cookie settings can be accessed at any time from the profile menu.

Easier to read comment notification emails 

Improved layout and design for the email triggered when a comment is made on a mural. 

New Features (Limited Availability)

De-clutter the screen during key moments in your workshops and meetings

Facilitators can choose to show or hide cursors for all collaborators in a mural. Being able to hide cursors at key moments helps focus attention and more easily follow what the facilitator is doing. Collaborators will still see the facilitators’ cursors. Limited Availability. Coming soon for everyone. 

Enhancements (Limited Availability)
Enhanced usability for Windows users with trackpad mode
You can now choose to navigate, zoom, and pan with your trackpad. Limited availability. Coming soon for everyone. 

Bug Fixes

CMD Z was not deleting recently created connectors.

Some in-product callouts were displaying more than once.

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