The Mural team

Enhanced performance and banished some bugs

AUTHOR: The Mural team

Windows release 1.73.0 / 1.74.0

Enhancements (General Availability)

Smoother real-time collaboration performance

We’ve made improvements to the way our servers process real-time events, providing a better experience with fewer disconnections when working with many collaborators at the same time. 

Bug Fixes

Users couldn’t always send a mural to a touchscreen display because the code did not display correctly. 

The Follow feature wasn’t always working.
When zooming in and out, handles were sometimes showing improperly for drawings. 

A calendar framework had UI glitches. 

When changing the style and color of text in the web application, a Windows user would sometimes see the incorrect text styling. 

The handles on sticky notes are sometimes flickering when a user resizes many sticky notes with drawings on them.

When changing the background color in private mode, users would see the color of the shape’s edges.

When adding content on a Surface Hub, performance was sometimes slower than expected and content wasn’t rendering correctly. 

When adding a connector, an object handle was appearing in the wrong place.

When changing the sticky note type, text would sometimes appears twice.

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