The Mural team

Enhanced security controls for enterprises, a new Jira Cloud integration, and some bugs were banished.  

AUTHOR: The Mural team

Web release

New Features (General Availability)

Choose where your company’s authentication tokens are stored 

By default, MURAL stores the authentication tokens in the “local storage” of the browser, but company administrators in the Enterprise Network can now choose “session cookies” or “session storage” as options, too. 

Enhancements (General Availability)

Easily find and select integrations within MURAL

A new integrations page experience in the MURAL web app provides a better experience when selecting and setting up third-party integrations. 

New Features (Limited Availability)

Added security with custom “idle timeout” limits 

Company administrators in the Enterprise Network can set the amount of inactive time during a session until a member is automatically logged out from the Company Dashboard.  

Import and export between Jira Cloud and MURAL 

A new integration with Jira Cloud that will allow you to import and export content from Jira Cloud to MURAL. Upon launch, functionality is a one-time sync. Active (automatic) sync is coming soon. For MURAL’s existing integration with Jira Server, you still will only be able export from MURAL. For early access, please contact support. 

Enhancements (Limited Availability)

Alphanumeric sorting of murals in a room

You can now choose to sort murals A-Z in a room in addition to by oldest, last modified, and last created.

Bug Fixes

Open link button icon sometimes disappears when zoomed out.

The wrong object would sometimes pop up when pressing the X shortcut.

Issue with comments and replies during Private Mode and Voting.

Some members were unable to update purchasing information.

An error was shown during the purchase experience for some users. 

Broken link sent in an email notification when account members limit was exceeded.

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