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Enhancements to comments, labels on connectors, new templates, and a slew of bugs

AUTHOR: The Mural team


Visually see which comments are new in a mural

When you enter a mural with new comments or threads, they’ll be marked with a fuschia circle which will pulse in the canvas. This helps draw your attention to the latest information, without having to sift through comments you’ve already read.  

Easily resolve a comment or thread

Now, anyone who participated in a comment thread can resolve the comment or thread by clicking the check mark in the comment sidebar to mark as resolved.

➜ Create more polished diagrams with labels that snap to center

Now, you can more easily position a label in the exact center of a line segment. Simply move the label close to the center of a line segment and it will automatically snap to the exact center. 

Improved performance during collaborative sessions

Now, when you drag a group of objects or are editing text in an object, you’re less likely to have any lag in the mural. 

New Templates

Reach better results faster

This Five Building Blocks of Visual Collaboration template by Bigger Picture provides simple tools and a step-by-step process with templates, models, question lists, and training guides that you can use and customize to your needs.

️Align your team around a strategic topic

Experience the value of getting your team on the same page with the concrete processes outlined in this Team Alignment Workshop template.

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