The MURAL team

Export a diversity of characters, add a line break more easily, and more enhancements


Web release


Press enter, get a break

Now, when hitting enter key inside a sticky note, a new line break will be created instead of exiting edit mode.

️ Export emoji, kanji, and other characters

Now you can export emojis, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, and Russian characters that are on sticky notes. (Note: Hindi and Arabic are not supported yet)

More easily edit drawings

If you need to correct a drawing that you’ve already created, you can now erase any stroke. Simply select the drawing, click on the drawing icon on the sidebar, choose the eraser, and click on any stroke to erase it. 

Alert when switching set of visitor avatars 

When facilitators select a new set of visitor avatars and there are already visitors in a mural, the facilitator will see a message that lets them know that people who are already in the mural will not be assigned new avatars from the new group unless they re-enter.

Better performance in Private Mode

We’ve decreased lag when adding content during Private Mode.

Bug Fixes 

Some keyboard shortcuts would not work after drawing in a sticky note.

The shortcut Ctrl + Shift + C was not creating a connector.

The comment section would sometimes freeze after adding two comments in a row using enter on the keyboard. 

Saving content to the Content Library was not working when the content had a connector and the object was recovered from the activity feed.

The app would sometimes crash when resizing a mural.

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