The Mural team
Collaboration and facilitation Templates

Introducing folders to help you keep track of your murals

AUTHOR: The Mural team

New Features

Manage and organize murals with folders. 

Find your murals faster with folders. Add folders to open or private rooms to organize murals by project, timeframe, meeting, or however you like. With folders, murals are easier to find and share, making collaboration across your teams even easier. Learn more.


Reopen comment threads

Now, anyone can reopen a comment thread, not just facilitators or people who participated in the original thread.

New Templates

Optimize your resources with circular design 

Design a new venture or transform an existing business into a regenerative process with this Circular Canvas template by Circulab.

Facilitate productive group work in class

Use this Team Breakout template to lead team cohesion, centralize group work, present findings, and provide feedback.

Lead a peer-review session

Provide feedback on the work submitted by your classmates with this Peer-review Pinboard template by Falmouth University.

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