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Bulleted lists, Mac App updates, and custom toolbar

AUTHOR: Thomas Shields | Sr. Product Marketing Manager

In August, we added a new Facilitation Superpowers to help your collaborators focus. Plus, bulleted and numbered lists in text boxes are here. Read on to learn more.

A list of reasons to try bulleted and numbered lists

Create visual hierarchies with bulleted and numbered lists.

Now you can add bullets and numbered lists from the toolbar of a text box or by using a keyboard shortcut: type - or * and then press the spacebar to add a bullet and start a numbered list by typing in your first number. You can also copy and paste lists from other apps into a text box.

Want some reasons to try out list-making?

  1. Create visual hierarchies to organize information more clearly. 

  2. Easier agenda-making.

  3. Lead a two-truths-and-a-lie team warmup.

  4. Quickly document action items from a collaboration session — then try adding a checkmark icon to mark tasks complete.

Make visual collaboration easier with custom toolbar

Facilitators can customize their meeting or workshop experience to fit the needs of the audience by choosing which visual thinking tools are available for collaborators to see and use in a mural. For example, you can focus collaborators on just sticky notes to begin a meeting and then later turn on drawing capabilities when needed. This will reduce complexity and confusion for first-time collaborators and help keep meetings more focused.

Tip from MURALista Janae: this is a great feature to try when introducing visual collaboration to a large group.

Add labels to connectors to enhance your diagrams and maps

Easily add text to any connector in your flowcharts, diagrams, and maps.

It's easy to add text to any connector. Simply double click on the line or choose the “+T” symbol from the connector’s toolbar. You can change the size, color, and formatting of the text from the toolbar. To reposition the label, slide it to the desired location on the line. You can also move the text above or below the line! It's perfect way to enhance your next flowchart.

Mac App enhancements — including tabs!

The MURAL app for macOS is the fastest way to kick off a real-time collaboration or visual thinking session. Share ideas using sticky notes and images, vote on team priorities, and align on next steps to make meetings more productive and efficient. It’s a great way to keep your visual collaboration projects organized; I keep all my active murals open in app tabs so I don’t lose track of them in my browser.

New and current app users can download the updated version here

Back-to-school updates for educators and students
The MURAL Education team is creating a suite of back-to-school content to support educators and students with their important goals. Check out our recap of our latest Teacher’s Lounge webinar to learn how technology can make even face-to-face classes more meaningful, inclusive, and productive.

Try the Class Lecture Toolkit template to save time prepping and incorporate more interactive, digital-first activities into your lectures. And the Collaborative Note-Taking template is great for synthesizing and sharing information in a new way.

  Reminder that MURAL offers exclusive benefits for students and educators. Learn more and sign up for an upcoming Teachers’ Lounge webinar here.

And some small but mighty updates:

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