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New Microsoft App for Microsoft Teams, folders, enhanced find filters, and new templates

AUTHOR: Gabby Francesco | Sr. Product Marketing Manager

In September, we launched a new MURAL App for Microsoft Teams, folders, enhanced find filters, and new problem-solving templates from Intuit. Read on for more.

The new MURAL App for Microsoft Teams supercharges teamwork‍

Our new integration with Microsoft Teams means one place for everything your team needs to make collaboration more successful. One of the most exciting features is the ability to add a mural to a live video meeting — this is different from just sharing your screen so everyone sees the same thing; now, everyone in your live meeting can collaborate together in real time with the “share to stage” functionality.

  Want more information? I walk through all of the features in this blog post.
  Ready to get started? Check out our setup guide.

Keep your workspace organized and secure with folders

Drag and drop murals into folders for easy organization within a room.

This was a top request from our community! Now all members on a paid workspace can create folders (and sub-folders) in any open or private room for better organization and quicker navigation back to in-progress murals. Your folders and sub-folders will have the same access and permissions as the room they’re nested in — so all folders in a private room will be limited to collaborators with room access.

Click here for more workspace organization best practices from MURAL’s success architects.

Enhanced find for faster synthesis and pattern identification 

We’ve been rolling out enhancements to find all year, and here’s the latest: find objects by the collaborator who last edited them. Inside of the find panel, you can now select any collaborator and search or filter for objects that were last edited by that person. Want to focus only on the recent feedback or ideas from your boss? Filter by their name to see only their sticky notes, shapes, and text boxes.

Locate the find icon (it looks like a magnifying glass) on the top right corner of any mural. You can also use the CTRL + F (or CMD + F) shortcut to quickly open the search bar. Combine the filters to help identify patterns and get the most powerful results.

See why find is an underrated tool for visual collaboration with this blog post from MURALista Gino that includes a video walkthrough and step-by-step tips for using find.

New problem-solving templates from Intuit

Intuit is on the blog sharing a Design for Delight methodology for bringing customer obsession together with design thinking. These four templates help you build deep customer empathy, go broad in seeking possible solutions, and then use rapid experimentation and data to ultimately land on a solution.

And some small but mighty updates:

  • Comments enhancements: When you enter a mural with new comments or threads, they’ll be marked with a fuschia circle which will pulse in the canvas. Plus, you can now resolve comments to remove the notification from your mural without deleting the record of the conversation.

  • Labels on connectors that snap to center: Simply move your text label close to the center of a line segment and it will automatically snap to the exact center. 

  • Enhancements to the MURAL App for Zoom: We’ve improved how the navigation bar and top bar appear in the app, based on helpful member feedback. See the September 16th changelog for more information.

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