The MURAL team

Squashed some bugs!


iOS release 1.80.1

Bug Fixes

After hitting ‘Done’ to end a drawing, it was not possible to pan correctly with one finger unless you first panned with two fingers.

After drawing a line, an incorrect ‘Undo’ operation was sometimes generated.

Padding for images was being displayed differently than the web.

Margins in frameworks were different than the web app. 

When tapping on a link to a confidential mural, the app would sometimes kick you out.

Avoid crashing when member data is received as undefined. 

When changing a font type or size in the web, the app was displaying the text incorrectly.

The popover menu sometimes closed by itself in the new iPad Pro when using the trackpad.

Tap and hold to start multiple selection wasn’t always working after changing the zoom level in the new iPad Pro.

Tech Updates

Check real-time permission changes in exports.

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