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Time-saving Google integrations, new Productboard integration, better formatting on sticky notes, and three Enterprise features

AUTHOR: The Mural team

This month’s launches will help your ideas stand out in big ways: on sticky notes, over email, and even in product planning sessions. Plus, we have three updates for our customers on Enterprise plans.

Take your next team meeting to new heights with Mural for Google Workspace

Mural’s Google Workspace integration now extends to Gmail and Google Calendar for more dynamic teamwork, anytime and anywhere. 

Stop spending time searching through old meeting notes to gather context and prepare for your next team brainstorm. With Mural’s Google Calendar integration, now you can conquer daily to-do’s and reduce prep-time by referencing a mural directly in your team’s Calendar invite.

 After a successful real-time brainstorm, set the team’s next big idea in motion by attaching a mural or template within email to cascade next steps and keep a record of collaboration front and center. 

Mural for Google Workspace also extends to Docs and Slides for top-notch documentation and more creative presentations. 

Want to give it a try? Head to Google Workspace Marketplace and install the Mural add-on. For tips, see the support article

Add Mural to your next product planning session in Productboard

Now, teams can easily embed their Mural content directly into Productboard’s editor for more collaborative product planning workflows. 

Productboard helps product teams understand what customers need, prioritize what to build next, and align everyone around the roadmap. With work happening across different platforms, teams often struggle to get complete context and stay in-sync when making critical product decisions. With Mural templates designed for feature brainstorming, setting roadmap objectives, and documenting user insights, now teams can ensure everyone has the background and updated information they need to execute product plans with ease in Productboard. Get started.

This integration was built with the Mural API.

Further express your ideas with improved text formatting in sticky notes

You can now bold, strikethrough, underline, or italicize specific words in sticky notes to further accentuate or express ideas visually, and create bulleted and numbered lists to organize your thoughts easily. Available using standard keyboard shortcuts or the ‘T’ icon in the sticky note’s toolbar. 

Free plans now have Mural’s upgraded user interface by default

Teams using Mural’s Free plan now have our upgraded user interface by default. For now, you can continue to toggle back to our classic interface if desired by clicking the button in the top right corner of a mural. 

Teams on a Mural paid plan will be moved to this opt-out experience soon. And coming later this spring, the upgraded user interface will become generally available. Members will no longer have the option to toggle back to our classic interface. 

Already trying the upgraded UI? Leave our team feedback here.

Provision, deprovision, and manage access with SCIM groups now in public beta*

Easily provision, deprovision, and manage Mural user group access and permission-setting for workspaces through Mural's updated SCIM API and the launch of our new Mapping API. Available for Enterprise plans only. Learn more

Test new features before releasing to the rest of your company with Mural’s new sandbox environment

Introducing our new sandbox environment that allows you to experiment with Mural's features without any impact on your production data. This means you can safely test and evaluate new features before enabling them in your company. With the launch of this new testing environment we will deprecate the environment June 30, 2023. Available for Enterprise plans only. Learn more

Meet compliance needs and minimize data security risks with the new Mural + Theta Lake integration

The seamless integration between Mural and Theta Lake enables the capture, retention, and supervision of content in Mural to support regulatory compliance needs and help minimize data security risks. Available for Enterprise plans only.
Learn more

Small but mighty

You can now take your previously published templates in our classic interface and quickly update with the new upgraded user interface by following these simple steps:

  1. Click Edit template in the top right-hand corner.

  2. Select the drop-down menu next to your template’s name and click Edit details.

  3. Apply the new Mural look to the objects on your canvas by toggling on the upgraded content. Click Update.

  4. You’ll then see your template with the upgraded user interface! Be sure to click Save changes in the top right-hand corner. 

*Currently in public beta. Subject to testing and defects. Provided warranty free, "as is" and "as available" basis. MURAL not liable for any losses that may result from public beta.

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