The MURAL team

Visitor names, quicker icons, and some bug fixes


iOS release 1.81


Know who your visitors are

Visitors now have the option to add their names when entering a mural. Please note that adding a name is optional and visitors control the name they choose to use. Availability limited to free trials, Starter, and partner plans. Coming soon to Plus and Enterprise Network.

Quicker collaboration with icons

We’ve sped up the loading speed of icons when adding them to a mural. Now you can change color or resize them without slowing down your collaboration. 

Bug Fixes

The saturation color picker was not correctly aligned in iPAD PRO.

We improved the messaging when a mural was not found so that the user knows what to do next.

Changing edit rights to visitors would sometimes kick them out of the mural.

When creating a comment, visitors should be able to see their names.

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