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What's New With MURAL: GIPHY, Unsplash, Microsoft, and a Quick Quarterly Recap Video

AUTHOR: Janae Smith | Product Marketing Manager

It’s the time of year for reflections, so we’re looking back with a video recap of some of our favorite launches from the second half of 2021. I run through my favorite highlights — including new Facilitation Superpowers and async collaboration features — in less than five minutes. And I’m also recapping all of November’s new features below.

Collaboration is more fun with GIPHY

Incorporating the best and newest GIFs and animated stickers from GIPHY makes collaboration more fun and creative. With this integration, available to all MURAL plans, all collaborators can search GIPHY from the main image toolbar and easily add the GIFs and stickers to any mural. Try incorporating GIFs into an icebreaker, team retrospective, or even brainstorm.

My colleague Hailey recorded a quick video showing how to turn this integration into a fun team warmup:

Click here for how to connect the GIPHY integration.

Adapt to the future of work with MURAL and Microsoft

As part of Ignite, MURAL announced an exciting roadmap with the Microsoft ecosystem. You can explore our vision of a highly-collaborative future and request a guided roadmap tour here.

And my colleagues Gabby and Lindsey created new learning videos to help you get started with the MURAL App for Teams. This first one can give you ideas for bringing visual collaboration into your workshops, 1:1s, asynchronous projects, and more:

And the second video is an end-to-end walkthrough of the MURAL App for Teams. In this video, my teammate Gabby shares how to take advantage of pre-built templates, voting, summon, celebrate, private mode, and much more during your next collaboration session within Teams.

Add beautiful, free images and photos to any mural with Unsplash

Collaborators often struggle to find the right image to visualize a thought or idea, explain a complex topic, enhance a presentation, or tell a story clearly. With the Unsplash integration, all teams have access to a vast library of beautiful, free images and photos to solve their creative needs. This integration is available on all MURAL plans.

  Learn how to enable the Unsplash image library in MURAL’s images toolbar.

Looking forward to Subscribe in Slack

MURAL joined last month’s Slack Frontiers event as one of two first-to-market partners for Subscribe in Slack, available in 2022. These new notification subscriptions will empower your team to stay connected and informed while working in specific Slack channels. 

And, finally, some small but mighty updates:

  • Direct download is now available: Now, when you export a mural or an area from a mural, it can download directly in the same browser window as a PDF or PNG, instead of being sent as a download link via email.

  • MURAL won the Product School Proddy Award for the Best Visual Collaboration Platform. Thank you so much to everyone who voted!

  • MURAL’s Creative Cloud Libraries integration and the ways it's bringing more seamless collaboration to members was part of Adobe Max.

  • Please join us for Reflect 2021, a free virtual event to celebrate and anticipate the future of teamwork.

  • MURAL also joined the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list of fastest-growing companies in 2021. Another thank you to our members and community.

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