Thomas Shields | Sr. Product Marketing Manager
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Collaborate with unlimited space, export custom selections of content, add videos to the outline, and more!

AUTHOR: Thomas Shields | Sr. Product Marketing Manager

This month’s launch brings members infinite space for collaboration, a new option for designing effective async collaboration, and more ways to support enterprise teamwork and cultures of effective collaboration.

Here’s the rundown of everything new:

Create, connect, and collaborate freely with MURAL’s new infinite canvas option

A top feature request, infinite canvas is here! Every time you create a new mural, you’ll have the option to start from either a resizable canvas (one with borders) or a new infinite canvas. When creativity sparks and your team needs a lot of space, give the infinite canvas a try.

Want more guidance? Learn more in our support center.

Export exactly what you need from your mural

Clicking export now opens up a new side panel where you can easily select only the portions of your mural you need to share with collaborators. This additional flexibility and control is especially helpful when you’re working with lots of content in an infinite canvas. Find out more about exporting here.

We’ve also added a new keyboard shortcut for speedy exporting: Control (or Command) + E.

Provide context to your collaborators by adding video explanations to the outline

Instead of needing to write lengthy explanations in sticky notes, text, and comments, you’ll be able to easily pass on context and instructions in a mural asynchronously by adding YouTube videos to steps in the outline. Simply paste the video link into the text editor, and collaborators will be able to play the embedded video without switching tabs. Now you can quickly get on the same page without the need to be all together at the same time.

Learn how to design organized collaboration sessions with more outline best practices.

MURAL achieves ISO 27001 certification‍

MURAL has recently achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, recognizing our proven commitment to the highest level of information security management. Read the full press release here.

And here are some additional small but mighty updates:

  • Want to share your genius and help others? The MURAL Community template contest is open through May 16. Customize the World Map Template for your opportunity to win. Can't wait to see what you create!

  • MURAL is continuing to introduce enhancements to the MURAL Reporting API to expand programmatic and self-service access to company data. With the addition of filtering, administrators can drill into specific attributes regarding their company's use of MURAL, to help make data-driven decisions and meet compliance requirements.

  • Automatically deactivate guests after a specified duration of inactivity, with custom guest deactivation periods. This feature is an enhancement to the existing experience where, by default, a guest will be deactivated after 14 days of inactivity and will lose access to the content they’ve been invited to collaborate on. Available upon request for Enterprise and Business plans only.

  • Achieve incredible outcomes with MURAL with self-guided access to all the content you need to jumpstart innovation — via our enhanced in-app Learning tab. This includes a new browsing experience with product how-to and best practices videos to level up your visual collaboration and collaboration design skills.

  • Facilitators can now easily move, duplicate, copy, or change text styling once they select locked objects. Want to move even faster? The inclusive selection shortcut (Control + Shift for Windows and Command + Shift for Mac) lets anyone select multiple locked objects to delete or unlock them together.

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