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New MURAL App for Webex, voting enhancements, embed murals into Atlassian products, and more!

AUTHOR: Thomas Shields | Sr. Product Marketing Manager

October was a big month for integrations and enhancements to core MURAL features. We launched a Webex live meetings integration, enhanced voting options, added Smart Links for Atlassian products (Confluence, Jira, and Trello), and published a video to introduce MURAL to new visual collaborators. Read on for all the details.

‍Webex meetings just got more productive and inclusive

You can now share a mural directly within Webex video meetings, so that all attendees — even those without a MURAL account — can collaborate in real time using digital sticky notes, drawings, diagrams, images, and all your other favorite features. This is different than sharing your screen; it’s actively working together on a digital canvas while in your brainstorm, strategy, or team video meeting.

  Find more details about using MURAL and Webex together here.

Focus voting sessions for even faster alignment

Anyone running a voting session can now limit the type of content collaborators are able to vote on, as well as select which section of the mural everyone’s able to vote on. This makes it even easier for your collaborators to get their votes in and faster to reach consensus.

MURAL’s Customer Support team expands to 24/7 availability for global teams

We’re excited to announce that our Customer Support team is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone, email, or in-app chat for our Team+, Business, and Enterprise plans. Free plans get access to the expanded hours via email. This means we’re here to help you whenever you’re working on a mural, preparing for a workshop, or in the middle of running a brainstorming session.

In addition, you’ll find a new support chat bot experience in-app to get you to the right self-serve resources even faster.  

Smart Links to embed visual collaboration into Confluence, Jira, and Trello

MURAL now supports Smart Links from Atlassian, allowing you to easily add a view-only mural to Confluence knowledge base pages, Jira Cloud work issues, and Trello cards so the team can stay aligned and keep work moving forward without switching tabs.

To get started, simply copy the mural URL from your browser — or use any shareable member, guest, or embed link — and paste it into your page, issue, or card.

Try adding your OKR murals to your Confluence documentation with Smart Links.

‍Educators have a new way to quickly find resources‍

A new filter on our web templates page gives one-click access to the latest templates for educators and students. Bookmark this link to stay up to date with resources created by our Education team — popular new additions include templates for collaborative note taking and presentation building.

Check out my colleague Sasha’s complete roundup of new features for educators here.

In case you missed it...

  • MURAL will be the first visual collaboration platform available in virtual reality. Check out our Facebook Connect announcement here.

  • Voting in the Product School Proddy Awards ends on November 10. If MURAL is your choice for best visual collaboration platform, we’d love your quick vote

  • We published a new video to help you introduce visual collaboration with MURAL to new collaborators. Watch it here, and please share away!

  • Identify which meetings need to stay on the calendar and which ones can go async with this Async Meeting Calendar template.

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